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At the heart of marketing is an ongoing conversation with your prospects and clients about their needs and the solutions you provide. Today marketing is often associated with cost, but below are six ideas for marketing that don’t cost anything upfront. 

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Have you asked your clients if they are in the market for final expense insurance? You can ask what life insurance they have in place or who takes care of their life insurance. 
As a Medicare agent, your role is to understand Medicare well enough to help clients understand what they need. This is important because Medicare is complex for someone who has been on Medicare for years, much less someone first being introduced to it. 
According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 60% of all cancer patients are aged 65 and over. Cancer plans can give your clients additional resources that can positively affect their outcomes by reducing financial stress. 
These are the top 4 reported compliance violations according to the Senior Marketing Specialists. We list them here so you can take action to avoid violating compliance, especially during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). 
Instead of being concept or product-focused with clients, when you relate a product to their needs it becomes personalized and they can see the need. In this article, we’ll cover examples for home health, hospital indemnity plans, and final expense. You can modify these to suit your style. In fact, you can use this method for other lines of coverage too. 
This is an introductory guide to the importance of creating your own custom scripts and talking points. Because this is an in-depth topic, we’ll start with the basics today to get you started and go into more detail in future blogs.  
In this post we are going to cover how to think about new leads, and the five steps in making first contact with your prospects, complete with examples. 
As you create your own script, remember that not everything can be scripted. The script is to help you create a flow as you talk with your prospect or client and find out what is important to them and how you can help solve or answer their concerns. 
No matter what the product or service, objections are naturally occurring reactions in making the decisions to purchase. It’s natural for consumers to confirm their expectations and concerns through questions. 
Believe it or not, one of the top questions sales professionals ask is, “Should I leave a voice message?” Absolutely! 
Email is a standard form of communication not only for professionals but also for people coming out of the workforce. It’s possible that some of your prospects or clients may not have email, but more than likely seniors do use email for online purchases or social media.
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