Do you have an effective strategy for reaching out to prospects after your initial appointment? Email is one of the best ways to communicate with prospects and clients, including seniors. 

If you have contacts you haven’t reached out to in a while, send them an email to check in and see how you can help them. Here are some tips to send a simple email that your prospect is likely to read. 

Collect Email Addresses 

  • Some people think seniors don’t use email, but many do! Ask them if they have an email address you can send them information at. 
  • Document permission to contact them in your customer notes. 

When To Send Emails 

  • You have 90 days after your appointment as long as you have permission to contact your prospects. (Permission to contact prospects with Medicare Advantage and Part D only last 90 days.)  
  • After October 1st for AEP. 

Email Length 

Keep it short and direct. The longer an email is, the less likely your prospect will take time to read the entire message and want to take action. 

Email Wording 

Keep the writing at a third-grade level. Here is a free app that you can use to test your emails:

Email Subject Line Tips 

No need to use their name in the subject line. Most people know this can be automated. 

Use “You” or “Your” in the subject line. Examples of this would be: “Your Medicare Coverage”. 

Try different ideas you believe might get their interest. Over time you’ll get a better idea of what works. 

Ask a Question 

According to TOPO, emails that asked a question had a 50% higher response rate than those that did not. Examples would be: “How is your Medicare Plan?” or “Is Your Medicare Coverage a Good Fit”, “Is your Medicare Premium Too High?” 

Email Services 

If you want to see how your emails are performing, an email service is a good idea. A good email service to start with is  

Making it Easy 

It can save time to write some effective emails that you can copy and paste into a new email as you need to reach out to your prospects. 

Here is one 9 word email subject line that has been effective in different industries. Just copy and paste this in the subject line, and leave the body of the email empty. 

“Do you still need help with your Medicare coverage?”

We hope those tips helped. Let us know how you use email to reach out to your prospects. If you have any tips or questions, share in the comments below! 

For more tips on using email communications with your prospects and clients, check out this blog;

If you are a Medicare agent and have questions about Sales or Medicare, call Arnie Fulmer at 702-820-3133. Arnie Fulmer is a Senior Market Advisor and the principal owner of Fulmer Insurance Group, a Medicare Brokerage Agency located in Las Vegas and licensed in multiple states. 

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