Before you brainstorm ways to get more leads, make sure you are getting the most out of the leads you are getting. 

A quick review of the terms, so we know we are on the same page: 

  • Lead. A person who has responded to your advertisement, or a person who responded to an advertisement someone else posted that you purchased. Generated leads vs purchased leads. 
  • Prospect. Someone who knows of you and what you offer, through an appointment or discussion with you. 

Three questions to ask yourself include: 

  1. What is your step-by-step process when getting a new lead? 
  2. How many times do you contact your new leads? Do you have a plan or checklist? 
  3. Do your prospects know what to expect from you? 

Having a successful process that converts leads into appointments and appointments into sales increases your profitability. Let’s review some ways to do that. 

Write It Down 

First step to having a successful process: Write down the steps that your process involves for these activities, so you can practice consistency and fine-tune your communications: 

  • Cold calling
  • Door to door 
  • Leaving voicemail
  • Contacting a new lead 
  • Contacting a current client 
  • Post-appointment steps – what do you do after your appointment
  • How many times do you contact a prospect? 

Review Your Methods 

Second step is to review how you are generating new leads. Some good questions to ask yourself are: 

  • How are you generating new leads? 
  • Is it profitable? 
  • Are there other methods that might work better for you? 
  • Who are the influencers in your local market? Can you get ideas from them? 
  • Are there groups (online or offline) and nonprofits you can work with? 

Connect With Community 

Third step goes along with the last point in the second step. Connect with strategic partners in your community. Become known in your local area for what you do. This approach can generate organic growth and increase your leads and referrals. 

Some influencer organizations for self-generating leads are: 

  • Civic Organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • NonProfits, especially ones who you can be a resource to. 
  • Professionals include financial planners, estate planning attorneys, CPA’s, etc. you can form a referral relationship with. 
  • Facebook Boost is different from an ad. A boost is designed to help with likes and engagement, not sell things. 

Now that we have covered some steps to getting the most out of your leads, in the next post we will go into detail with details on how you can improve your lead processes. 

If this was helpful, let us know in the comments. Also, let us know what you want to learn more about to grow your book of business. 

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