In this post we are going to cover how to think about new leads, and the five steps in making first contact with your prospects, complete with examples. 

These examples are just that, examples. As you practice, you will learn what works best for you as far as what words to use and how to present yourself, and you can modify your scripts to reflect that. 

The key is to be natural in your presentation and speech, and this will help you become more comfortable talking to prospects and clients.

How to Think About New Leads 

A new lead comes in! Remember that leads are generated from someone taking action out of interest or concern. Your job is to find out what the interests and concerns are. 

Establishing First Contact 

So you’re ready to make the first call to a new prospect. Most people answering the phone are wondering who is calling, and what they want. You only have a few moments to capture the attention of the prospect whether you are calling them or going door to door. 

Here’s an example of a first contact by phone with the goal of setting up a face-to-face appointment: 

Step One – Introduction 

Hello. My name is __________ and I am a ___________________. Tell them who you are. 

For example, “Hello. My name is Jo. I am a local agent working with Medicare in (your city and state).“

Step Two – Why you’re calling 

Be clear on the reason for your call. 

For example: “The reason for my call is I have had a number of people in (the CITY) looking for information on how to get dental, vision and hearing coverage since Medicare doesn’t cover all of those. 

Or, “I’m calling because I received your information inquiring about cancer coverage.”

Step Three – Ask Questions 

Keep your introduction and reason for calling brief. The next goal is to ask questions to get them interested and talking with you. Open-ended questions are great for this. Here are some examples: 

“What dental coverage do you currently have in place?” 

“What out of pocket costs have you had when treating cancer?” 

“How familiar are you with [topic]?”

Step Four – Establish Interest / Setup for Step Five. 

So you’re talking with your prospect about their interests. Remember that at this point you are only setting an appointment, not selling a product. 

For example, “Often people have dental coverage with their employer before they retire, and don’t realize Medicare doesn’t cover dental, so they end up paying for all their dental work not knowing what their options are” 

Another example might be, “I have spoken with cancer survivors who only realized after their diagnosis that they would have to pay 20% for their treatment, adding financial stress to an already stressful illness. There are options that can help cover cancer care.” 

Step Five – Setting the Appointment 

At this point you are ready to ask the prospect to take action and set up the face-to-face appointment. 

Here’s an example: “I’d be happy to help you save 50% or more on dental coverage. You can either drop by my office for personalized information, or I can bring it to you on (day). Which do you prefer?” 

If you are a Medicare agent and have questions about Sales or Medicare, call Arnie Fulmer at 702-820-3133. Arnie Fulmer is a Senior Market Advisor and the principal owner of Fulmer Insurance Group, a Medicare Brokerage Agency located in Las Vegas and licensed in multiple states. 

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