Believe it or not, one of the top questions sales professionals ask is, “Should I leave a voice message?” Absolutely! 

Remember that you are competing with robocalls and solicitors who are inundating people with information. Leaving a voicemail gives you more credibility and lets people know why you are calling. 

The next question that comes up is, okay, what do I say? If you try to leave a voicemail without a plan, you might create hesitation in your prospect. Hesitation will lead to inaction. 

Following are some examples of what to say when leaving a voice message after an appointment with your prospect. These are examples for you to customize so it feels natural to say. 

As you’ll see, there are 7 follow-up calls listed below. Sales studies show that almost half of the salespeople only make 1-2 calls, but it’s after the 6th contact attempt that the prospect answers the call.

Voicemail Examples 

These are adapted from Senior Marketing Specialists. Again, these are just examples to create your custom messages from. 

Voicemail 1 – Establishes you will do what you said you would do #integrity 

“Hello (name). This is (your name). I am calling to follow up as we discussed. If I do not hear back from you by (date) I will try you then. Again, this is (your name and phone number). Thank you.” 

Voicemail 2 – Reinforces you do what you say you will do #professionalism 

“Hello (name). This is (your name). I know you are busy, and this is a decision worth thinking about. If I do not hear back from you by (date) I will try you then. Again, this is (your name and phone number). Thank you.” 

Voicemail 3 – No obligation #followup 

“Hello (name). I wanted to let you know there is no obligation to change or stay with your current plan. If I do not hear back from you by (date) I will try you then. Again, this is (your name and phone number). Thank you.”  

Voicemail 4 – Highlight the benefits #benefits 

“Hello (name). I just wanted to let you know I helped someone else in your area save over

$X on their prescription drugs. Your savings could be along the same lines. I will try you back by (date). Again, this is (your name and phone number). Thank you.”

Voicemail 5 – Alternate Contact Methods #contactme 

“Hello (name). This is (your name). If it is easier to communicate by email, you can visit (your website) and drop me a note under the contact me page. I want to make sure you are taken care of. If I don’t hear back by (date) I will try you again.” 

Call 6 – This time don’t leave a voicemail. By now they should know your number.

Voicemail 7 – Closing 

“Hello (name). This is (name). I am going to close your file for now and your coverage will remain the same. I will follow back up with you in (month) unless I hear otherwise. You can always visit my site at (your website) for information. Again, this is (your name and number). Thank you.”


  • Letting prospects know when you are going to call next takes you out of the pest category and identifies you as an agent who is doing what they said they would. 
  • Leave your phone number at the end of each voice message so they can write it down. 
  • Write it down. When you know what you are going to say prior to calling, it’s much easier. 
  • Ideal length for voicemails is 20-30 seconds. Longer than that and it’s likely they will not listen to the whole message. Shorter than that and they may not see why they should call you back. 

Plan to Take Action  

Without a script or talking points, you might be thinking “Oh I need to call this prospect but I don’t know what to say… What benefits should I mention?” … Several hours go by and you haven’t made a call or left a message. 

With a script or talking points, your inner talk is going to be more like: “Alright, this is the third voicemail, let me get my notes and be ready to leave a message.” You do it, and it’s done. 

If you are a Medicare agent and have questions about Sales or Medicare, call Arnie Fulmer at 702-820-3133. Arnie Fulmer is a Senior Market Advisor and the principal owner of Fulmer Insurance Group, a Medicare Brokerage Agency located in Las Vegas and licensed in multiple states. 

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