Members of the baby-boom generation began aging into Medicare in 2011 at a rate of about 10,000 people per day, a rate that will continue until 2030. Source:


You can build a solid Medicare business even on a part time basis. Many agents enjoy multiple vacations a year and make a very comfortable living.


You will receive commissions for the first year and then renewal commissions for the following years for as long as your clients stay with you. This can result in a six figure residual income in just a few years.

What it’s like working as a Medicare agent

One reason Medicare is a fulfilling career path is that you get to make a positive impact in people’s lives for a living. Having a health crisis without proper healthcare coverage can be disastrous for seniors. Your guidance on Medicare healthcare plans and options will go a long way towards making their senior years safer and more comfortable.

The Medicare Man

Arnie Fulmer, known by some as The Medicare Man, is a Senior Market Advisor who has devoted the last 8 years to understanding the Medicare system. Arnie is the principal of Fulmer Insurance Group, a Medicare Brokerage Agency. 

Some words from Arnie: 

“As a Senior Market Advisor, I go the extra mile to help the folks understand what options are available to them. Our lines of business are Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage products.

Our team also helps folks with Final Expense, Cancer Plans as well as Dental programs. I am also now devoting my time to training new agents to help their clients navigate the complexities of Medicare.

IF YOU are looking for a TRUSTED ADVISOR or want to learn about the field of Medicare please give me a call or email. I want to be your agent!”

Call Arnie at 702-820-3133 to find out how you can get started in a profitable and personally rewarding career with rock solid job stability and residual income for years to come.

Agent Testimonials

A few words from satisfied Medicare Agents.

The reason I got into Medicare was to help people. A lot of people are underserved. I met Arnie and he was thrilled and helpful. I tell you, that man will answer the phone when I call. Arnie’s great! He’s very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously in the few months I’ve been doing this.

Joseph Tomalka

Medicare Agent

I work in dental. I saw a great need for dental care among the elderly who came into my office. I started getting their information and working with Arnie. Arnie has been great, he answers every question that we’ve had and gone out of his way to help us. We’ve been able to do what we want to do, and the patients we have are really dear to my heart. Being able to help patients out, I have patients who are over the moon at what we’ve been able to do for them just on the dental and medical side.

Maria Tomalka

Medicare Agent

What I love about Medicare is helping people. I like working with Arnie because he’s very helpful. He takes my hand and helps me through each step so I can get my numbers right!

(Nancy) Giau Phan

Medicare Agent

Is Medicare the right career for you?

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Is Medicare the right career for you?

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This phone call could change your life.