You know that client or customer retention is a measurement of a business’s ability to turn customers into repeat buyers. First, we’ll go into why this is important, and then how you can do it. 

Below are three reasons this is helpful to you in your Medicare business. 

1 – Your Commissions in year two are higher than in year one. It’s good to remember that year one commissions will typically just cover client acquisition costs and not turn a profit until year two. 

2 – It is reported to be 6-7 times less costly to maintain your existing book of business than to acquire new clients (for example through lead generation). 

3 – Checking in with your clients to keep them up to date helps to build your relationship with them. If you don’t stay in touch with them, you make it more likely they will go with another agent. 

Tips for Contacting Clients 

The magic number of times to contact your customers per year is 7. This is enough to stay connected without overwhelming or neglecting them. Here are some ways that count towards your 7! 

Quarterly Email Newsletters 

This alone covers 4 contacts per year. Email is an effective and simple way to keep your clients updated and engaged. You can use an email service to structure and streamline the process. Some services are and 


Pro tip! Before you end an appointment, schedule the next one. Scheduling the next appointment at the time of service has been found to increase client return for services that require many points of contact, such as doctors and dentists, as well as insurance agents. 

Sample statement: 

“Your new coverage will start on [DATE]. After you’ve had a chance to settle into your new plan, I will come back out and review any of the documentation you received and make sure you are using the plan in full. Do Tuesdays work for you? Morning or afternoon? I will be back out [DATE/TIME] for a review. I will email you a confirmation 1 week prior in case something comes up and you need to reschedule.” 

Personal Touch – Handwritten Cards 

You can send a handwritten card on special events. Here are some ideas you can use to cover another 3 of the magical 7 contacts per year. 

  • Thank you cards: After each initial meeting (or enrollment), send a thank you card to show you truly appreciated meeting with them. 
  • Holidays: Be creative about which holidays you use. Sending non-traditional holiday cards is a great way to be memorable. 
  • Birthdays: Let your clients know you are thinking of them on their day. 


Seminars to help educate clients on Medicare, client appreciations, or other face-to-face events are a great way to strengthen the relationship with your clients. One suggestion is to partner with another professional who also services the senior market, for example, a financial planner or health provider. 

Bonus Methods 

Facebook is another way you can continue to stay top of mind for your clients regularly by posting important and interesting information 3-5 times per week. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and there are different apps you can use to keep in touch with your customers. Keep notes of when you’ve contacted your clients in the CRM. 

Have you had any success with the above or other methods to stay connected with your clients? 

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