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Are you introducing Home Health Care to your clients? In this post, we’ll give an overview of the benefits of home health care and tips for assisting your Medicare beneficiaries with this policy. 

Home Health Care Overview 

The first thing to consider is that most of your clients will want to avoid the nursing home. 

According to Medicare.gov, “Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF).” 

– source Medicare.gov 

After hospitalization, the Home health care plan can allow your client to recover at home and bypass the hospital. 

Benefits of Adding a Home Health Care Policy 

  • This policy gives your client additional funds to use during recovery. 
  • Indemnity Plan (fee-for-service): Allows clients to use any medical provider. 
  • There is very limited underwriting to qualify for this plan. 
  • Rx Benefit: Client receives a check up to $600 per year. This benefit is available even if your client doesn’t utilize home health benefits. 
  • All benefits paid to the policy holder, regardless of other coverage. 
  • This plan can be paired with: 
    • Medicare Advantage 
    • Medicare Supplement 
    • Group Coverage 
    • Stand Alone Plan Individual Policy 

The following additional benefits are available: 

  • Accident and Sickness Benefit
  • Critical Accident
  • Ambulance Benefit
  • Dental/Vision
  • Return of Premium

Based on GTL Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance Policy GAS48-18

Home Health Care Costs Medicare Pays For

Medicare pays 100% of the costs for the following home health care services: 

  • Therapy Services
  • Skilled Nursing Care 
  • Social Work 
  • Certain Supplies 

Home Health Care Costs Not Covered by Medicare 

Having a home health care policy can help cover the following costs that Medicare does not cover: 

  • Additional Medical Care (performed in the home) 
  • New Prescription Drugs 
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 
  • Private Duty Care: Indemnity benefits can be used to retain a private caretaker to assist with tasks like meal preparation and housework so your client can focus on recovery. 
  • Other Medical Expenses  

Agent Tips 

  • Benefits for the home health care policy are listed on the brochure so you can easily show your clients. 
  • Policy rates are easy to calculate on GTL’s app. 
  • Pharmacy Envelope: It’s helpful to provide your clients with an envelope to keep track of pharmacy receipts. Mark in your calendar to help your clients apply for reimbursements every quarter. This will help you stay connected with your clients! 
  • Hospital Indemnity Pivot to Home Health Care: Offer a home health care plan to clients who do not qualify for HIP (Hospital Indemnity Plan). This will help them recover at home after a hospitalization. 

If you are a Medicare agent and have questions about Sales or Medicare, call Arnie Fulmer at 702-820-3133. Arnie Fulmer is a Senior Market Advisor and the principal owner of Fulmer Insurance Group, a Medicare Brokerage Agency located in Las Vegas and licensed in multiple states. 

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